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Should you Repair or Replace your Broken Home Heating System?

When your furnace, heat pump or other home heating equipment fails, making the decision to repair it or replace the unit can be difficult without adequate information. However, when you have a clear understanding of your options and the benefits of each, you’ll make a choice you’re satisfied with. That’s our purpose in this guide, to look at the pros and cons of repairing vs. replacing your HVAC Fort Myers Fl heat source. Here are the issues to consider. The Age of the Equipment If the equipment is new enough that the failed part is under warranty, then repairing it is a cost-effective choice, even if labor for the repair is not fully covered. The exception can be a furnace heat exchanger. Some have a lifetime warranty on the part only, not on labor, and those repairs can take many hours to replace and lead to a large repair bill. Most heat sources such as gas furnaces and heat pumps can be expected to provide reliable service for about 15 years, depending on initial quality and how well it has been maintained. If the unit is reaching or past that age, your money is often better spent on replacement equipment that will be backed by a warranty and might be more efficient and offer superior climate control. The Safety Factor When the damaged equipment is deemed a safety risk because of its age, quality or condition, then replacement is always in your best interest. Carbon monoxide leaks and fires can be deadly, and the risk is dramatically reduced with quality new heating equipment and proper installation from Midpoint Heating & Cooling. The Repair History of the System Some heating systems are more prone to failure than others due to inferior quality or improper installation. A system that has had mechanical issues in the past is more likely to have them in the future. If so, throwing good money after bad isn’t a sensible solution. Our experienced technicians are trained to evaluate the overall quality and condition of a heating system and will provide you with input to help you make a decision that is in your best interest. The Cost of the Repair Expensive repairs of $750 or more, to an older heating system, usually point to unit replacement as the better option. There might be a reasonable charge for diagnosing the problem, but this might be waived when the homeowner chooses replacement equipment and installation.

The Cost of New Equipment While most homeowners would prefer having new equipment, it can be expensive. Costs vary tremendously based on whether the equipment is a furnace, heat pump or another type of equipment and on the size, efficiency, and performance of the model you choose. There are two important factors to understand when considering new equipment:

  • The less efficient the new system is, the lower its relative cost will be, but the higher your monthly energy costs will be

  • The system must be properly sized for your home, and too large isn’t any better than too small, to run as efficiently and dependably as it should

The pros of Midpoint Cooling & Heating are available to help you decide on the right level of efficiency for our climate. We can also do a heat loss calculation to select a unit that is properly sized for your home’s heating requirements. How You Will Pay for the Repair or Replacement When paying with cash for the repair or new equipment isn’t possible, how you will finance it might be a factor in your decision. Putting a repair bill on a high-interest credit card isn’t an attractive option. However, some finance programs for new equipment offer very competitive interest rates. How Long You Plan to Live in your Home The longer you’re going to live there, the more sense it makes to invest in new equipment and to choose a high-efficiency system. If the stay will be shorter, then repairing the furnace, heat pump or other heating equipment can be an attractive option, though it’s important to take into consideration the cost of the repair and the likelihood that additional repairs will be needed before you sell the home. We’re Here to Help The decision whether to repair or replace your home heating equipment is unique to your circumstances. The pros at Midpoint Cooling & Heating are here to:

  • Diagnose your heating system problem

  • Evaluate the overall condition of the equipment

  • Offer both repair and replace solutions, when suitable, along with their cost estimates for you to consider

  • Answer your questions

  • Assist you in making a decision customized to suit your needs

Give us a call, and we’ll put the most experienced team in the Ft. Meyers, FL area to work for you.

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