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When To Schedule HVAC Maintenance

It's important to schedule regular maintenance appointments twice a year for your HVAC fort myers Fl system. Air conditioning may be the last thing on people's minds once the colder months set in, but you don't want to find yourself in the midst of the hottest day of the year without your air conditioner. You'll be surprised to know that there's more to air conditioning than just cooling your home. In fact, failure to regularly maintain your HVAC will make you and your family sick, and it will cost you a great deal of money to not immediately and regularly arrange for maintenance.

Indoor Air Quality

People commonly close their windows and doors during the year in an effort to preserve cool and warm air. While this can help save on cooling and heating costs, it has some drawbacks. For instance, the indoor pollution significantly increases. In fact, your indoor air quality is often worse than what's outside. Your HVAC system does more than heat and cool. It also helps to ventilate the air in your home to reduce allergens.

The home becomes full of pet fur and dander, pollen, dust, dust mites, dust mite fecal matter and other debris that cause severe allergic reactions. Some of these allergens contaminate air ducts and filters. Allergens can cause rashes, itchy and watery eyes, sneezing and other allergic reactions. The biggest impact allergens have on the body is that they weaken the immune system. This causes people to be more susceptible to the flu and the common cold. Having your HVAC system maintained will reduce the amount of allergens in your home and will decrease your chances of getting sick.

Allergens and Your Body

Allergens don't make you directly sick per se, but they will cause you to catch other sicknesses more easily. Also, they make you feel sick. Allergens will cause brain fog, fatigue and general malaise. This is a result of your immune system going into overdrive. Improving your indoor air quality will help to boost your immune system.


Mold can also increase with inadequate air ventilation and without a proper-functioning air conditioner. When the home is kept stagnant, warm and moist, mold spores quickly grow in several places. It's important to get rid of mold, but mold spores fill the air. They come into a home from outdoors. If a home does not have adequate air ventilation or cool air, homes will fill up with mold growth.


Viruses seem like they spread in colder weather, but consider how cold offices and hospitals are kept. Operating rooms can seem like they have freezing temperatures. The reason is that the cold actually kills germs. During the colder months, the body's temperature is what allows viruses to spread. Air conditioners help to reduce sicknesses in the home by killing viruses that could easily enter your body.

Air Ducts and Filters

Your air ducts and filters need to be regularly cleaned. While air ducts can be cleaned about twice a year, it's important to change out filters every month. There are special filters that can be cleaned by simple rinsing. This should be done once a month to effectively remove allergens.

Heating and Cooling Costs

To maximize saving on heating and cooling costs, you have to make sure that your HVAC system is working efficiently. Moreover, if your system isn't running effectively, it will run harder, which causes additional wear and tear on the HVAC system to occur. This, in turn, will eventually cause it to break down. At this point, you may have a costly repair or you will have to outright replace your entire unit. Regular preventative maintenance can and will save you a lot of money in the long-run.

Temperature fluctuations do not cause sickness; however, they dramatically increase the likelihood for sickness in three ways: the indoor pollution in the home increases, immune systems take a hit, and there are a greater amount of germs circulating amongst people. These factors can be greatly thwarted by simply getting your HVAC system checked and air ducts cleaned. Don't wait until your system takes a dive. Schedule an appointment to have your HVAC system checked immediately. You can't afford not to.

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