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Why HVAC Regular Maintenance Saves You Money

When you are a homeowner, saving money in the long-term by doing small amounts of maintenance in the short-term are usually big budget savers. However, does this same principle apply to HVAC Fort Myers Fl regular maintenance, and do your heating and cooling bills actually reduce? In most cases, having regular HVAC maintenance will almost always save you a significant amount of cash, especially when it comes to preventing future repairs. Nevertheless, there is one reason that no amount of maintenance will save you money on certain types of HVAC machines. When HVAC maintenance does not save you money Although many technicians want to try and save every type of machine, home technology is in an era of environmental HVAC options that come with tax rebates from the local, state or federal level. Sadly, there are some machines that are so inefficiently built that they actually cost more money in the short-term than outright buying one of the Energy Star rated models immediately. Of course, if this is apparent to one our technicians, we will make the recommendation. We also help homeowners get the rebates by providing the correct paperwork. Why HVAC maintenance make sense for low-income budgets Homeowners that have a limited income know that having a professional technician check up on the HVAC unit at least twice a year has several types of savings. For example, if the machine is running poorly, minor maintenance can be done that will significantly lower utility bills during the times of year that HVAC units work the hardest. It is also to the advantage of homeowners on a tight budget if they know they might need to replace an HVAC unit in advance. Naturally, when technicians are working on a machine, they can determine how many more months or years of life the HVAC unit still has left before the homeowners will need to replace it with another model. What to expect from an HVAC maintenance visit When professionals arrive at your door, you will know it is us because we have a vehicle with the proper signage for our company and each of our technicians wear a company shirt with our name to help you feel secure. When we enter your home, we treat each customer as if they have the most expensive flooring in the world, and this means we are wearing covers on our shoes. Once we are inside, we will check the HVAC units inside the home, and also any units outside. In some cases, a more thorough investigation will need to be done if the homeowner suspects a problem with HVAC-related machinery such as an air handler, a vent or the ductwork itself. How we test the HVAC equipment

During the maintenance process, all of the pieces of equipment are tested with specialized tools that will give the homeowner an idea of how effectively the HVAC unit is working. While maintenance is being performed, there may be other small repairs made such as adding extra oil to motorized parts, changing an air filter or making sure that there is no debris around the outside part of the HVAC unit. If repairs are needed, they will be suggested to the homeowner, and the homeowner can authorize the repairs at their discretion. Why scheduling maintenance twice a year is a must Will having a tech come to your house twice a year cost more than it saves you? Although it would be ideal to have a machine that lived past it’s warranty without needing maintenance, it is impossible to have an indestructible HVAC unit. On the other hand, if the machine is regularly tuned up before the seasons it works the hardest, many models of HVAC unit are known to work years beyond their warranties while not creating extra drains on utility bills. Get your next HVAC maintenance appointment with us At Midpoint Cooling & Heating, we are happy to help our customers of any income level feel at home. With our straightforward pricing and explanation of our services in a language you can understand, we can help our customers meet their budget expectations. From old-fashioned radiators to ultra-tech energy-saving HVAC units operated by solar energy, we have what it takes to help you with your installation, repair or maintenance needs. To get started, give us a call and ask our friendly staff to make an initial inspection appointment for you. Thank you in advance for choosing us, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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