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Heater Inspections Before Winter: Five Reasons It Pays

Have you considered getting your heater inspected as soon as summer is over, but are worried you are jumping the gun? Obviously, having your heater inspected periodically will cut down on repair costs in the long-term. Regardless, the reasons why you should have your heater inspected before winter starts are ones that will make your home repairs their lowest. Written below, a clarification of pre-winter heater and HVAC Fort Myers Fl system inspections is detailed to help you make the right decision for your home. A chance to ask questions

Have you ever wondered if there is anything about your HVAC equipment that you should know or how much a smart home upgrade would work? When winter weather emergencies start, HVAC technicians are working hard to ensure the cold temperatures are not putting people’s lives at risk. Alternatively, in the off-season, heater maintenance or inspection appointments are the perfect time to answer questions from homeowners. This can also help you understand when your heater will need to be replaced, if there is an energy-efficient model available and an estimate of how much emergency heater repairs might cost. One other helpful topic to discuss with an HVAC specialist during a fall heater maintenance or inspection visit is figuring out what to do in case of a winter weather emergency that knocks out the electricity for several days. Clearing the way for first fall cold snap When the machine kicks on because there is an unexpected cold snap before winter, the dust on the coils and piles of dried grass clippings on the outside unit can affect some HVAC machines. For example, if the exhaust is covered or the filter is completely full, the machine might not get the filtered and fresh air it needs to perform optimally. This could lead to the motor getting clogged or other types of costly repairs that could have been prevented in the maintenance and inspection process. A chance to order parts or upgrade with a new installation With or without a warranty, any machine might need an occasional parts replacement or upgrade. This is especially true if your machine is experiencing a partial recall on parts. Naturally, when heater repairs are common because of cold weather and the end-of-year holidays are in full swing, it can be difficult for companies to send repair or spare parts efficiently by shipping. In other words, if you do not like the idea of space heaters in every room for weeks because you are waiting on a part that is lost in the mail, consider the advantage of having maintenance done on your HVAC before winter. Helping you with tax paperwork One interesting program that affects HVAC pros is a tax rebate program from the federal government that gives homeowners breaks for buying energy efficient appliances like heaters. Nevertheless, homeowners must complete the installation by the end of the year in order to get these heater upgrade rebates. Homeowners may also need some help from an HVAC specialist for advice about which models work best for your square footage and helping you get all of the paperwork organized for the tax rebate. Potential repairs caused by un-maintained heaters

Sadly, there are always incidents each year of fires that happen when families are trying to beat the cold, and some of them are related to not using the HVAC heaters. In these cases, homeowners could not afford heater repairs and were overloading electrical sockets by using space heaters in the wrong way. For this reason, when the HVAC will not work, give us a call and we will help you find solutions to your current heater problem. Everyone’s situation is different, but there is advice we can share that will help your family stay as safe as possible. Get your next heater inspection from us! At Midpoint Cooling & Heating, we work hard to help keep you and your family snug all winter. Our HVAC services cover all forms of heaters and combined AC and heater units. To get started with an inspection for your heater before cold weather begins, give us a call today. We want to thank you in advance for choosing us, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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